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Todays Cuteness:) by Grizzhoney Bear.

always. <333


if you don’t love niles you’re wrong

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Throwback water marble galaxies by a gurl @cpplltti at @pinkysnailsTO #manicuremonday #YTmanicure #nailart #nailporn #nailgasm #toronto (at Pinky’s Nails)



At one point or another, all of us have felt the pain of being put down and made fun of. Bullying is a serious issue and has thrown too many kids away from the world & into depression.

Help stop bullying this week and make a real difference in the lives of school children everywhere.

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…this is the BIGGEST lie that we tell kids. 
Bullying affects millions each year, and hurtful words and actions can lead to depression, anxiety, and a life that people may wrongfully feel is not worth living. 
EVERYONE MATTERS. Share love. Help stop bullying in schools. 
GO HERE to get this shirt or anything else & stop the bullies.
I’m living this right now, and lemme tell yah… It’s great :) Cheers to many more special memories with my baby 😘



Teacup pomeranian appreciation post

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